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Our Kerries

Kerry Blue Terrier
Kerrynterrieri | Kerry Blue Terrier
FI Ch Irisfingel Enrietta

Sissi is a 9-year-old, playful and ever-bustling kerry-girl. Sissi loves all kinds of activities she gets to do. She is Occasionally seen in dog shows. Sissi is extremely kind, pleasing and obedient. Sissi is a bit soft, which makes her a perfect family dog.

Sissi is trained in agility and currently competes in the highest, 3rd class. Alongside Agility, Sissi is actively involved in the Rally Obedience has also been able to show her skills on TV (My Dog). By her character, Sissi is a great hobby dog ​​for anything as she has a endless desire to pleasure as well as to learn.

Sissi is familiar with small children, babies even. She loves swimming and ball games. Sissi is also nice to her doggy friends, and despite her age, she is still quite puppy-like at her behavior.

FI Ch Cybertails Actual Afrodite

Molli was born in July 2018 representing Cybertails A-litter. Already during the early days she looked very promising as did all the A-litter.

Molli was shown twice on a puppy class where she got HP from both shows! By the age of 12 months she already got two CAC´s and has reached both BOB and BOB Junior -positions!

Kerrynterrieri | Kerry Blue Terrier
Joybrick Agent Double -O-Seven

Sisu was the first kerry in the family. Gradually, through wisdom he gained by his age, he calmed down very much. Outdoor activities and various adventures in the woods were the best things Sisu knew.


All this was a good balance for his 24/7 security patrol task, in which Sisu was quite phenomenal. His family and his own area were kept in good shape. Sisu was the most faithful friend what a man can have. Having said that, Sisu was very clearly one family´s dog.

Vaya Tela Funiculi Funicula

Milo was imported from Spain in early 2020. He is a great addition to our Cybertails Team. He moved to chilly Finland from kennel Vaya Tela, Spain. Milo seems like a perfect fit to the family. He is very brave and active.

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