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Our Story

We are a small-form breeder for Kerry Blue Terriers in Finland. Our kerries live in our home, surrounded by our family. Our kerries are active. We take them to agility competitions, rally obedience and we do dog shows also. 


When you are living your day with a dog as your friend, one of the most important features you might appreciate is the character. This is one of the most important values ​​we have in our breeding. Naturally and equally as importantly, we want to look after their health. According to clinical studies, our breeding dogs are healthy. All our dogs have good temper.

Since even the slightest environmental experience during the puppy sensitivity period strongly influences the development of the puppy's character, we train our puppies for handling from a very young.

Puppies also socialize early and they get used to different sounds, places, other dogs and people (including children) before moving out to their new homes. Intestinal exercises have been started with the breeder. Puppies are handed out clean, groomed and treated, many times wounded and, of course, checked by a veterinarian. A new home will get the Finnish Kennel Club's registration certificate (a passport + export pedigree when needed), written care instructions and with a comprehensive puppy package. Puppies will bring their food to a new home with breeder. New owner, unless is a member already, will be joined to Finnish Kerry and Wheat Terrier Club, whose first year membership fee will be paid by the breeder.
The breeder is available to the new family, if necessary advising and assisting through the puppy's life. Our goal is to breed such dogs with whom you can live as diverse as possible.

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