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My name is Marika and I´m breeding Kerry Blue Terries for Kennel Cybertails together with my daughter Salla.

Currently we have 3 kerries at home. Two of those are mostly with me and third one lives with Salla.

My first dog as a child was a dutch import, a Bouvier called  Snowman Daphne V.H. Aspasiahof - ”Tykki”.


With Tykki, we did dog shows as well as obedience.


Back in those days, on a big international Dog Show, I found myself watching a Kerry Blue Terrier ring. I was amazed how beautiful and stunning this breed looked like. Some similarities to Bouvier, but smaller size (more convenient) and a fancy grooming.

I got my first kerry on 2010. Shortly after this, another kerry joined our family. We continued from dog shows to functional hobbies like agility and rally-obedience.




I have completed the basic as well as the advanced breeder´s course of Finnish Kennel Club. As a breeder one of my most important goals is to breed dogs with a good temper. I enjoy working with the new families and appreciate the change to be able to closely follow up on my breeding.


















I was only 8 years old when we got our first kerry. I actively participated on taking care of him with my mother and
once we, some years later got the second kerry -it was when I started do do agility and rally obedience. During the years I have learned to groom a kerry and I quite often provide help on this to our puppy owners as well.








I´m into photography and most of the photos an content for our kennel web pages and social media channels are from me. I have also provided a lot of content to our breed club´s official magazine and web pages of which I also am the webmaster for.

I have completed the breeding basics course at Finnish Kennel Club and in 2022 I joined my mother as a Kennel Cybertails Breeder.
I belong to the board of the breed club for Kerry Blue and Irish Soft-Coated Whe
aten Terriers.









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