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Cybertails B-litter was born in 30.8.2019. It was 5 puppies in total (3 dogs + 2 bitches).
As with A-litter, we did a show debut with our small ones (3 dogs + 1 bitch from this litter) in Royal Canin Puppy Cup 2020, Helsinki. 

See more details of this litter:

Irisfingel Enrietta & Geijes Indicator Code

Cybertails Beautiful Ballerina - "PEPPI"

This beautiful ballerina was the first one to born. A nice princess-like looks, but pure fire inside! Ain´t no doubt, she´s a kerry blue for sure!

Kerry Blue Terrier
Cybertails Bright Beauty - "PAI"

She´s our star, the brightest beauty. Ears as big as she would have been born as Dumbo. Moves like a showstar and yet a very nice character.

Kerry Blue Terrier
Cybertails Big Beast - "EDDIE"

When he was born, the first thing we saw was his enormous paws! What a big beast he was to become! Also later on he was always the first one to show up anywhere, start eating and also the last one that still continues eating...

Kerry Blue Terrier
Cybertails Brave Believer - "BOSSE"

Dream on, take it easy and think before acting. This is our daydreamer, brave believer. Wise toughs and ability to listen. Although, he is not to be bullied. Just love him!

Cybertails Beaming Blue - "GLENN"

First one to wake up every morning. First one to jump off from the puppy fence. Shiny blue color, our beaming blue.

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